Why a Tooth Extraction is Necessary (Sometimes)

Permanent teeth are not meant to be extracted but, in some instances, a tooth extraction is necessary. We have listed some of those instances below: To eliminate overcrowding teeth This is commonly recommended to patients who have to undergo an orthodontic treatment and there is no room for the teeth to move and realign. Teeth […]

Dental Implant FAQ’s

What are dental implants? Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone where there are missing teeth. Once the screw is placed, your dentist mounts a replacement tooth onto them.  How long do dental implants last? With proper care, the screw itself can last a lifetime if the patient receives regular dental […]

Halloween and your teeth

It’s the season of pumpkins, scary movies, and… Candy. It’s hard to avoid the candy cravings your child has, especially after trick-or-treating. There are a few simple rules you can implement to avoid the creepy cavities that can come into your child’s life.  Scary Stick Sweets These delicious treats can sit and linger in your […]

2 common dental restorations

Fillings.  We use fillings to repair holes or cavities in teeth caused by tooth decay. Dental fillings are typically strong, but can break if you use a high biting force, like chewing ice. If there is a slight separation between the filling and tooth, bacteria can fill the gap and decay the tooth To prevent […]

Why sedation dentistry may be the best option for you

Sedation dentistry can use a mild sedative medication to help patients relax and put your nerves at ease during a dental procedure; other times, IV sedation may need to be considered for those who may have the utmost severe anxiety. It may be appropriate for you if you have a serious fear of going to […]

Dental Health Quiz

The ADA Estimates that, on average, people only brush for 45 seconds at a time. How long should you brush your teeth per session? A) 1 Minute  B) 2 Minutes  C) 3 Minutes  D) Until you feel like you’ve brushed enough. How often should you change toothbrushes or brush heads? A) Once a month  B) […]

Teeth whitening at home versus at the dentist

Do you want whiter teeth, but you’re not sure which way to go? There are two overall options for teeth whitening, at-home versus at the dentist office.  There is a wide variety of at-home teeth whitening products. There is mouthwash, toothpastes, gel strips, and trays. Products like mouthwash and toothpastes are typically used for whitening […]

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQ’s

What is cosmetic dentistry?  The word “cosmetic” is defined as involving or relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is any dental word that restores or improves a person’s appearance.  What is a smile analysis?  A smile analysis involves an evaluation of your smile and how it fits with […]

Reasons to sleep with a night guard

Do you wake up with headaches and jaw pain? The reason may be that you grind your teeth while sleeping. A night guard can help with this issue. Night guards are worn for different reasons, but the primary reason is to protect your teeth from wearing down. Other reasons to wear a night guard include […]

Options for filling in a gap tooth

A gap tooth is something that can severely effect someone’s confidence in their smile. Most people think they are stuck with their gap tooth because the procedures are too complicated for their liking. At Kilby Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, there are several options for filling in a gap tooth and giving people confidence in their […]